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Diffuse stories:

Eve, 43 - I have been fighting for so long trying to understand what has been going on -- now I'm just scared.
- I would like to hear about women that have had children with scleroderma.
shelleyb66, 40
- Finally I feel like my life is turning around a little.
- I left the doctor's office that night believing I was about to die!

CREST/Limited stories:

Ana - It gave me the courage to fight for my life even harder.
Michelle, 42
- Then the sore wouldn't heal 5 months or so.
Mackenzie, 19
- I was diagnosed with scleroderma,raynauds phenomenon,and ra when i was 15.
- I have improved over the years, but things are still tough.
Joanne, 49
- I remember thinking "That's the last disease I would ever want"

Morphea/linear stories:

sfoltyn - The whole thing gets quite complex.
Preetham, 25 - At first, I didnít know what scleroderma was exactly.

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