I Have Scleroderma



  • Amy's Mom - I thought it was a bad dream.
  • Nancy - Little did I know that I would never feel "like normal" again.
  • Jim - He was told for 15 years that he was imagining the pain in his back and legs.
  • "Caregiving" - By Barbara J. Anderson
  • Jennifer - My Mom was a runner and avid exerciser.
  • Sandra Kay - I wish that she could see the man I have become...
  • Susan's Mom - ...my mom never let you know how badly she was suffering...
  • Consuelo - We miss something terrible but we know she is at peace.
  • Pete's Mom - "We did not know at the time how serious this disease was."
  • Linda - "She was the bravest person that I have ever known."
  • Connie Becker, 43 - Connie passed away on November 17, 2000 in the presence of her family.
  • Gennifer's mom - "As a girl in elementary school I had the prettiest mom at parent-teacher night."
  • Kanikia's mom - "She was a great person, and she is missed badly."
  • Natacha, 21 - "I've fought with school, doctors, etc to give me a chance." 
  • Cheryl's mom Nancy - "Many of her early severe symptoms were not visible, so she suffered the indignity of having an invisible disease."
  • Michele and Ken - "Things progressed so fast that he just went into complete organ failure."
  • "My mother, Velda" - "The pain that she endured everyday effected all that loved her."
  • Magdalena's mother - "She was the strength and support for me."
  • Roosevelt McKenzie - "When he became ill, he never expressed anger or struck out at others."
  • Patricia (Tabares) Mendoza - "She was a very generous, caring, and brave person who always put others’ needs before her own."
  • Georgette - "I had no way of knowing that scleroderma would take the life of the person I treasured most in the world"
  • Marie - "Mom being Mom, has made it as easy as she could for us."
  • Kathy's mom - "The peace of knowing she is no longer in pain does not make the loss easier, just different."
  • Cheryl - her sister, Annette - "My sister died six years ago on a sunny Thanksgiving day."
  • Virginia Santos - "We all agreed and set Mom free."
  • Krystal - "I value everything much more in life, all the wonderful little things in life. The simple things!"
  • Judi - In memory of her mom, in hope for others.
  • Kelli - Remembering her father.
  • Dawn McKenzie - "My mother was a remarkably strong and independent woman."
  • Kristina Sellers - "My mother was an incredible person."
  • Ani - Her mother's story... "I miss her so much, at times I feel like I can't breathe."
  • Debbie - In her memory:she leaves behind a gift to us in her research participation, and a lasting memory of her for her family, her baby son.
  • Gladys - "When the doctors gave me the diagnosis, I was optimistic that Gladys would return home and lead a normal life again."
  • Ellen - One of the early story pages, a deep loss to our community
  • Kate Nance
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